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This guide is part of a larger guide on Crime, Courts, and Corrections in the City of Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections manages 25 state correctional institutions and a number of other correctional facilities in Pennsylvania. These facilities house just over 50,000 inmates. The Department receives inmates from County jail systems following a conviction, though people are also admitted as the result of a parole violation. Inmates convicted of more-serious crimes or those receiving longer sentences are typically transferred to Pennsylvania’s prison system.

What's Included in the Data

Publicly Available
  • Monthly prison population by facility
  • Annual admissions and releases by county are released as open data or are available through the Department of Corrections mapping tools
  • Information on individual inmates available through the inmate search tool includes name (and alternate names), corrections facility, date of birth, age, height, race, citizenship, complexion, and com
Not Publicly Available

Inmate information is only available as part of the inmate search tool.

Where to Find the Data

Things to Know

Prison population was one of the first datasets shared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on their open data portal.