Crime, Courts, and Corrections Guide:Non-Traffic Citations

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This guide is part of a larger guide on Crime, Courts, and Corrections in the City of Pittsburgh.

In Pennsylvania, non-traffic criminal proceedings are set into motion by either a citation issued to a defendant or an arrest without a warrant. Non-traffic citations typically include a notice to appear before a magisterial judge or trial commissioner if the person receiving the citation is not providing a guilty plea. Citations are given for minor criminal offenses, and are often called summary offenses. The types of offenses that often result in a citation include loitering, disorderly conduct, harassment, public drunkenness, and low-level retail theft. Convictions may result in a fine, and in some cases, non-traffic citations may be expunged from an offender’s criminal record if certain conditions are met.

What's Included in the Data

Publicly Available
  • Location generalized to block
  • Type of incident
  • Date
  • Time
  • Offender demographics
Not Publicly Available
  • Actual location of offense
  • Name and address of offender

Where to Find the Data

Things to Know

For more information on non-traffic citations in Pennsylvania, please see the following sites: